Job: Media Trainer (closed)

USAID Wildlife Asia is looking for a Media Trainer (Short-Term Technical Assistance) for the Wildlife Trafficking Investigative Media Workshop.
SEPTEMBER 10-14, 2018
ABOUT THE PROJECT: Started in 2016, the USAID Wildlife Asia Activity seeks to significantly reduce wildlife crime in Southeast Asia and China by employing a comprehensive regional cooperation approach. Specifically, Wildlife Asia will (i) Reduce consumer demand for wildlife and wildlife products in target areas;(ii) Strengthen regional law enforcement capacity and coordination; (iii) Increase commitment to addressing counter wildlife trafficking (CWT); and, (iv) Support the USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia’s (RDMA’s) coordination of regional CWT stakeholders and efforts to strengthen the US Government (USG) interagency CWT initiatives.
USAID Wildlife Asia is based in Bangkok, Thailand and the geographic scope includes all ASEAN countries, with a focus on the Lower Mekong (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia) and China. The species of primary interest are elephants (ivory), pangolins, rhinos (rhino horn), and Asian big cats. This activity is the first Task Order under the USAID/Asia Counter Wildlife Trafficking (CWT) Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract.
The Media Trainer will be responsible for completing the following tasks and activities for the upcoming
USAID Wildlife Asia Regional Media Workshop: 
  1. Work with USAID Wildlife Asia team to prepare agenda, design the sessions, interactive exercises, workshop materials such as case studies, handouts for participants, evaluation form, and workshop report.
  2. Participate in meetings with USAID Wildlife Asia to define the parameters of the event and resources available for this workshop.
  3. Serve as the Lead Media Trainer for all sessions starting from the Opening Session to the Closing Session for the workshop.
  4. Ensure the workshop participants are appropriately selected and mid-professional.
  5. Ensure participants will obtain information from resource persons and participate actively in the session.
  6. Review and comment news stories produced by participants to meet the media outlet publishing standard.
The Media Trainer is responsible for working in close collaboration with the Communications, Outreach and Learning Specialist, USAID Wildlife Asia, in facilitating the workshop sessions both in-class and field trip during September 10-14, 2018, in Bangkok and Ratchaburi. The Media Trainer will submit all deliverables to USAID Wildlife Asia in accordance with USAID Wildlife Asia’s deadlines, quality standards, and USAID Branding Guidelines.
Before the event:
The Media Trainer will discuss with USAID Wildlife Asia to understand the purpose of this workshop and will co-create the agenda; the workshop approach and interactive processes; the participant list; and the selection of resource persons. The media trainer will also develop materials/handouts such as case studies from media coverage on wildlife trafficking topics, and session briefs.
During the event:
The Media Trainer will serve as the Lead Media Trainer for all sessions starting from the Opening Session to the Closing Session. During each session, the Media Trainer will introduce speakers/presenters/panelists; engage participants with interactive exercises and/or discussions; ensure that the presentations/discussions are within the time allocated for each session; ensure that discussions are focused on relevant session topics; and summarize key points at the end of each session.
Each session will utilize an experiential learning approach that encompasses lectures, panels, presentations, and group exercises to encourage participants to share their perspectives and experiences, learn from each other, and create opportunities for connections that are rooted in real-life challenges and opportunities.
The Media Trainer will check and record feedback of participants using an evaluation form, together with verbal reflection of each participants.
After the event
The Media Trainer will be available for a debriefing meeting and will provide recommendations for future USAID Wildlife Asia media engagement events.
The Media Trainer will prepare a workshop report and attach all workshop materials into the Annexes.
Scope of Work & Deliverable Schedule
The LOE allocation below is illustrative and subject to change based on the needs of the Project. The work product of the Media Trainer will be the exclusive property of USAID Wildlife Asia and no claims or additional compensation, other than that set out in the Agreement, will be allowable.
Delivery Date
Logistical Support
Advise on room design and field
August 31, 2018
trip arrangement to enhance the
best learning environment of
participants based on agreed
workshop approach and agenda.
Design process
Revise and finalize the draft
August 31, 2018
agenda and session
agenda and materials for the
briefs and any other
workshop. Provide inputs to the
relevant materials
process and methods for the
Facilitating the
Facilitate, with support from
September 10-14, 2018
USAID Wildlife Asia
Communications, Outreach and
learning Specialist, all sessions to
engage participants in interactive
exercises and ensure that
discussions are focused on the
relevant session’s topic; and
provide support that all results
are secured.
Prepare workshop
Prepare workshop report
September 30
inclusive of all workshop
materials in the Annex.
Participate in a debriefing meeting
September 17, 2017
and provide recommendations
for further USAID Wildlife
Interested candidates, submit CV and letter of interest to the following address:
Subject line: USAID Wildlife Asia – MEDIA TRAINER
Deadline: August 31, 2018.