Theory of Change

This Activity-level Theory of Change is depicted in the Activity-level Results Chain diagram below. The Activity’s Purpose or highest level result will be achieved through anticipated results based on seven strategic approaches.

This TOC proposes to improve regional action to end wildlife crime through increasing risks to perpetrators of wildlife crime and reducing profits for those that engage in wildlife crime. To achieve this, it is necessary that,

  1. Consumer demand is reduced through the use of effective Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) methodologies,
  2. Counter Wildlife Trafficking (CWT) capacity for law enforcement is institutionalized,
  3. Regional law enforcement cooperation and coordination is strengthened,
  4. National legislative, policy and regulatory reform is supported,
  5. Political will and host country commitment is increased,
  6. Monitoring of and response to status and trends of wildlife crime is improved, and
  7. Regional coordination of CWT strategic approaches is reinforced.