Chi Initiative

The Chi Initiative Phase III, funded by USAID Wildlife Asia, was launched in August 2018, with two Chi III PSAs developed, pretested, and launched to address the new and emerging uses of rhino horn – status and medicinal – which were recently reported in 2018 USAID’s Consumer Research on the consumption of illegal wildlife products in Vietnam. TRAFFIC originally developed the Chi Initiative using key findings from a comprehensive consumer research in 2014, which identified wealthy Vietnamese businessmen between the ages of 35 and 55 year as a key rhino horn user group. The overarching message of Chi drives the concept that success, masculinity, and good fortune come from an individual’s strength of character and not from the use of rhino horn and other illegal wildlife products. The initiative uses behavioral science to encourage Vietnamese businessmen to demonstrate their Chi by becoming leaders in corporate social responsibility and in wildlife protection.

Chi PSA 1

The PSA emphasizes the fact that strength and stamina do not come from consuming wildlife products, but instead are the direct results of work and perseverance.

Chi PSA 2

The PSA highlights the incompatibility of wildlife consumption with international business practices. It stresses the risks, including the loss of prestige and reputation, of using, buying, or gifting illegal wildlife products such as rhino horn.