OSINT Training Package

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training Package

The Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training Package has been developed by the USAID Wildlife Asia program with the Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC) to support researchers and investigators in developing their skills to conduct online research through open sources.

Since the availability of publicly accessible information is ever-growing, the use of the Internet as an investigative tool has become indispensable. Most open sources can be reached through an Internet connection, allowing an investigator access to an unprecedented volume of data. For this reason, online investigation requires resources be used effectively, maximizing our investigative opportunities, and minimizing our security risks.

The included strategies, techniques and resources provide a basis on which a method can be built and adjusted to your particular needs.

How to access the OSINT Training Package

The OSINT Training Package contains:

  • OSINT Pocket Guide,
  • Three (3) PowerPoint presentations
  • Handout exercise
  • Pre and post-test

The OSINT Training Package is available in English, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, and Khmer. Select a language below to access the materials.