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Air Sector Awareness Training

Mar 12, 2019 from 08:00 AM to 05:30 PM Lao Airlines Headquarters, Wattay International Airport, Vientiane, Lao PDR,
Laos has long been recognized as a major player in the supply chain of illegal wildlife. It is connected by air routes to neighboring Thailand, whose main international airport has direct flights to trafficking hotspots across Africa and Asia.

Lao PDR CITES National Ivory Action Plan (NIAP) and other CITES Commitments: Policy and Legislative Review for Lao PDR

Feb 15, 2019 from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM Vientiane, Lao PDR,
A party of CITES since May 2004, Government of Lao PDR is in the process of reviewing their main CITES-enabling legislation, the Wildlife and Aquatic Law No.07/NA, 2007 which is in category 3 under the CITES National Legislation Project, through the Legal Compendium to the Lao PDR Wildlife and Aquatic Law Phase 1.

2018 ASEAN Animal Law Conference

Dec 17, 2018 to Dec 18, 2018 Le Meridien Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand,
The aim of this inaugural ASEAN Conference is to develop clear strategies for the implementation of best practice policies for the protection of the animals in the ASEAN context. The Conference will look at turning these policies into laws and regulations that will be promoted to national governments and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Training of Trainers Workshop: SBCC Techniques and Integration of Wildlife Protection into Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Nov 23, 2018 08:00 AM to Nov 24, 2018 01:00 PM Danang, Vietnam,
USAID Wildlife Asia, in collaboration with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Danang Branch (VCCI Danang), will conduct a Training of Trainer Workshop to introduce USAID Wildlife Asia activities and provide the latest tools and methods necessary to change consumer behavior and adopt Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies that incorporate wildlife protection.

Integrated Workshop on Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Digital Age 4.0

Nov 22, 2018 from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM Ha long City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam,
Aiming to promote the business sector’s commitment to combat wildlife crime, USAID Wildlife Asia will collaborate with the Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Center, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to partner in a workshop on "Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Digital Age 4.0". USAID Wildlife Asia team’s role is to introduce Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an effective tool for elimination of business risks and increased competitiveness at the workshop. It promotes the responsible and legal development of Vietnam SMEs community including commitment for wildlife protection and consumer demand reduction for wildlife parts and products.

Wildlife Inter-Regional Enforcement Meeting

Nov 19, 2018 to Nov 21, 2018 Nairobi, Kenya,
Organized by UNODC, the Wildlife Inter-Regional Enforcement Meeting aims to explore how states perceive threats posed by environmental crimes and the recognition that fostering and improving regional and inter-regional law enforcement cooperation is vital to addressing the transnational nature of the problem.

Integrated Training Course on Business Strategy and Sustainable Development

Nov 14, 2018 08:00 AM to Nov 16, 2018 05:00 PM Hai Duong Province, Vietnam,
Jointly organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Center, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Hai Duong Businesswomen Association and USAID Wildlife Asia, this three-day training course aims to improve the capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on business strategy and provide solutions for sustainable development through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Specifically, it focuses SMEs on various models of strategic management, process of developing business strategy, and techniques for applying CSR strategy with a particular focus on integrating wildlife-related activities. USAID Wildlife Asia will disseminate and display Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) messaging on Chi and the toolkit on how to integrate wildlife protection into their CSR policy.

Media Workshop: Reporting the Illegal Internet Trade in Wildlife

Nov 05, 2018 09:00 AM to Nov 09, 2018 05:00 PM
The Global Initiative Against Organized Crime, in collaboration with Thomson Reuters Foundation, USAID Wildlife Asia and with funding from the Government of Norway, is offering a training scheme on Reporting the Illegal Internet Trade in Wildlife for journalists from Africa and Asia. The intensive five-day workshop, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand will build the capacity of journalists to report on the issue of illegal online wildlife trade – improving both knowledge and skills and also help journalists to present new viewpoints, promote discussion and dialogue on the most strategic areas for intervention.


Nov 02, 2018 to Nov 04, 2018 Central World Department Store, Bangkok, Thailand,
Celebrating the 200-Years of U.S. - Thailand Friendship, USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia organizes a public event to showcase flagship projects undertaken in Thailand.

Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference: London 2018

Oct 11, 2018 to Oct 12, 2018 London, UK,
The UK government is hosting an international conference about the illegal wildlife trade on 11 to 12 October 2018. The conference will bring together global leaders to help eradicate illegal wildlife trade and better protect the world’s most iconic species from the threat of extinction.

Wildlife Trafficking Investigative Media Workshop

Sep 24, 2018 08:30 AM to Sep 27, 2018 04:00 PM
This workshop aims to enhance journalist capacity on investigative report and understanding wildlife trafficking issue in Thailand and Southeast Asia, as well as to create an informal Thai media network to combat wildlife trafficking in country.

Bank Sector Awareness Training

Sep 21, 2018 from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM Hanoi, Vietnam,
USAID Wildlife Asia will fund and implement a training course titled “Banking Sector Awareness Training” for banking officers in Vietnam. The course aims to arm banks with information and techniques to prevent their facilities being misused by wildlife traffickers. The curriculum will focus on giving trainees an overview of wildlife trafficking, information on the illicit supply chain, red flags to look out for, case studies (tailored to their location/country) and techniques on how to follow the financial trail of wildlife traffickers. The State Bank of Vietnam will be the official host.

USAID Wildlife Asia Vietnam Launch

Aug 28, 2018 from 09:00 AM to 11:30 AM Hanoi, Viet Nam,
USAID Wildlife Asia will publicly announce the implementation of the work on Demand Reduction in Viet Nam, and highlight partnership as key to the Activity's achievement.

Risk Profiling to Enhance Interception of Illegal Wildlife Trade Training Course

Aug 28, 2018 08:00 AM to Aug 30, 2018 05:00 PM Sihanoukville, Cambodia,
USAID Wildlife Asia and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will jointly fund and coordinate a training course on “Risk Profiling to Enhance Interception of Illegal Wildlife Trade” in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. This training course is the result of a collaborative partnership between the UNODC’s Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime and USAID Wildlife Asia and will be implemented in cooperation with the General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia.

World Elephant Day

Aug 12, 2018
World Elephant Day was co-founded on August 12, 2012, by Canadian Patricia Sims and the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation of Thailand, an initiative of HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand. World Elephant Day is the vehicle by which organizations and individuals can rally together to give voice to the issues threatening elephants.

USAID Wildlife Asia Work Planning Workshop

Jul 16, 2018 to Jul 20, 2018 Pullman Pattaya Hotel G, Pattaya, Thailand,
The whole team of USAID Wildlife Asia and implementing partners will discuss and design work plan for FY 03 (October 2018-September 2019). USAID Wildlife Asia implementing partners include RTI International, FHI 360, IFAW, Integra, Freeland, Conservation Council of Nations and TRAFFIC.

Supreme Court of Thailand-USAID Wildlife Asia Work Plan Meeting on the Development of Thailand’s Green Benches Program and CWT Awareness Initiatives

Jun 29, 2018 from 08:30 AM to 05:00 PM Supreme Court of Thailand, Bangkok,
Considered as unprecedented and unique partnership, the work program covers many collaborative initiatives which aims to increase and enhance the role of the judiciary in Counter Wildlife Trafficking (CWT) by providing judicial reliefs to cases, with tools and innovative policies. The USAID Wildlife Asia - Supreme Court work plan covers building awareness within the Supreme Court and its specialized divisions and courts, institutionalization of knowledge and CWT curriculum development for the Judicial Institute research support on judicial policy innovations and best practices, and high-level field missions to court houses within "CWT hotspots" in Thailand.

Counter Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) Training Course

Jun 25, 2018 to Jul 01, 2018 Hua Hin, Thailand,
The Detection of Environmental Crime Training (DETECT) - Counter Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) training course is designed to help law enforcement investigators identify and disrupt transnational organized crime groups involved in wildlife trafficking. The course equips appropriate enforcement authorities with the knowledge and skills required to identify and disrupt organized, cross-border wildlife trafficking supply chains moving pangolin, elephant ivory, rhino horn and big cats. A key objective of the training is increasing and sustaining transnational multi-agency coordination and information sharing.

Pangolin Strategy Design Workshop

Jun 13, 2018 02:00 PM to Jun 14, 2018 04:00 PM Beijing Hilton Hotel, Beijing, China,
The pangolin strategy design workshop aims to enable the participants to gain understanding of specific consumer segments of pangolin scales and pangolin meat/other food, what are their drivers, influencing factors, socio-demographic profiles, locations, and other relevant information.

USAID Wildlife Asia: Presentation on Findings of the Research on Consumer Demand for Elephant, Pangolin, Rhino and Tiger Parts and Products in China

Jun 12, 2018 from 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM Beijing Hilton Hotel, Beijing,
USAID Wildlife Asia, in collaboration with IFAW and Beijing Normal University (BNU) will conduct a meeting to present the results of the consumer research (quantitative and qualitative) on demand for elephant, pangolin, rhino and tiger parts and products in China.

Yieow Dong Task Force Investigation Training

May 21, 2018 08:30 AM to May 23, 2018 05:00 PM Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Bangkok,
USAID Wildlife Asia is developing and delivering a training program to help government agencies identify and address the internet-based illicit trade in wildlife. This activity initially aims at providing support to a Thai Government inter-agency task force that is authorized to focus on internet-based wildlife crime in Thailand. USAID Wildlife Asia has been specifically requested to train Thailand’s “Yieow Dong” Taskforce to identify online, open source illegally traded wildlife.

Air Transport Sector Awareness Training - Lao PDR

Apr 26, 2018 from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM Wattay International Airport, Vientiane, Lao PDR,
Laos has long been recognized as a major player in the supply chain of illegal wildlife. It is connected by air routes to neighboring Thailand, whose main international airport has direct flights to trafficking hotspots across Africa and Asia. To expand good effort of USAID ROUTES Partnership, USAID Wildlife Asia will conduct a training for the air transport sector in Lao PDR to empower civilian staff working for airlines and in airports to detect and report wildlife trafficking. Training modules will focus on: trafficking on airlines, common routes and destinations, identifying culprits or suspicious behavior, reporting suspicious activity, and providing basic temporary animal care for live wildlife consignments.

USAID Wildlife Asia Presentation at SBCC Summit

Apr 19, 2018 from 07:00 AM to 08:30 AM Uluwatu 3 Room, Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Bali, Indonesia,
During the 2018 International Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Summit which will be held during April 15-20, 2018 in Bali, Indonesia; the USAID Wildlife Asia Project will host an interactive session to discuss application of social and behavior change strategies to reduce consumer demand for ivory, rhino horn, tiger, and pangolin parts and products.

USAID Wildlife Asia Pangolin Care Workshop

Apr 18, 2018 to Apr 20, 2018 Thailand,
USAID Wildlife Asia will host a Pangolin Care Workshop designed to improve survival rates of confiscated live pangolins at the Wildlife Quarantine Centre (WQC) in Thailand.

Validation Workshop for Development of Rapid Reference Guide on Wildlife Crime

Apr 03, 2018 from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM Bangkok,
The USAID Wildlife Asia, in coordination with United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is organizing a validation workshop for development and implementation of a ‘Rapid Reference Guide (RRG)’. The RRG is intended as a practical tool for wildlife investigators and prosecutors, the RRG will contain brief descriptions of all specialized laws/regulations as well as ancillary statutes. It will be designed to inform investigators/ case managers about what is minimally required to build an evidential case against those accused of wildlife and related crimes. The validation workshop will bring together the RRG working group, chaired by the OAG, with intent to incorporate working group comments and recommendations and finalize the RRG and develop a roadmap for implementation.