Vietnam private sector commitment building


TRAFFIC, through the Wildlife TRAPS project and ROUTES initiative, works to enhance transport and logistics sector ability to prevent exploitation by wildlife traffickers through increased awareness of staff and customers, as well as improved Standard Operating Procedures and trainings. TRAFFIC also works with a variety of private sector partners in Vietnam, including the Traditional Medicine and religious community, e-commerce and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce to diffuse corporate social responsibility around zero tolerance for wildlife trafficking.

United for Wildlife (UfW)

UfW is working with the transportation sector through the UfW Transport Taskforce, which developed and is working to implement the commitments in the UfW Buckingham Palace Declaration. This work is being done in recognition that international freight and passenger transportation is vital to the movement of illegal wildlife products from source through transit and into markets, and that the private sector can assist in reducing such shipments. United for Wildlife, through The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, provides the secretariat for the Transport Taskforce, which includes 75 representatives from across the transport sector covering aviation, maritime, freight forwarders and enforcement. To support action from the transportation sector the Transport Taskforce is providing a mechanism for the collection and analysis of NGO information regarding wildlife trafficking, and sharing of verified information with signatories to the Buckingham Palace Declaration, including through regular alerts pertaining to illicit trafficking methods as well as details of specific trafficking cases.


WildAid works with corporate entities and business leaders in advancing efforts to reduce the illegal wildlife trade – see section below concerning consumer demand.